The Candle Set




The Candle from our Soil edit is a  wellness + air purifying candle. It is possesses a beautiful grounding and balancing fragrance made from a curated blend of cleansing aromatherapeutic essential oils. Let the art and beauty of nature's scents transport you to a place within.



The Candle from our Rein edit is inspired by the uplifting, exotic and deep floral scent and that is found in The Drip fragrance. Within this beautiful sea of naturally hued cerulean wax, you’ll experience a unique blend of uplifting  essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance that will transport you within to a place of inspiration as you re-align and elevate to your best self.  Enjoy as a mood and atmosphere enhancer.

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Ingredient Highlight


  •     Slow, long lasting burn
  •     Natural, renewable and biodegradable
  •     Great hot and cold scent throw
  •     Clean and complete burn



CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL- Air-purifying + Mentally stimulating | Scent Profile: Sweet, grounding, and spicy


YLANG-YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL- Uplifting + Aphrodisiac qualities | Scent Profile: Sweet, floral, and spicy

SAGE PHTHALATE-FREE FRAGRANCE- Soothes stress + Improves mood | Scent Profile: Herbaceous, green, and earthy

BASIL PHTHALATE-FREE FRAGRANCE- Vibrant + Uplifting | Scent Profile: Warm, sweet, herbaceous, and floral



BLUE TANSY - Refreshing + Serene | Scent Profile: Mildly sweet and  herbaceous  


AFRICAN MUHUHU - Enticing + Uplifting | Scent Profile: Smoky and resinous


NEROLI - Uplifting + Centering | Scent Profile: Sweet and refreshing 


LILY- Uplifting + Tranquil | Scent Profile: Floral and green


TEAKWOOD - Centering | Scent Profile: Woody and spicy




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