Soil Candle no. 2



The Soil Candle no.2 is an exotic and centering scent created with a custom blend of grounding essential oils and phthalate free fragrance. Experience calming floral notes of Bergamot, earthy Grass, centering Vetiver, and Coriander. Light and go within to a place of zen and higher consciousness.

Phthalate-free . Cruelty-free . GMP . Re-cycle  . Up-cycle . Made in the USA



The Exploration of Balance

"I smell balanced like home, earth, and the beginning of time."

Our wellness candles are great to use anytime of the day to relax, re-balance, and re-center. 

Key Benefits

Average burn-time 55 hrs.


Custom fragrance


The Candle no. 2 is an deep and herbal scent that will balance and re-center.

Ingredient Highlight

MARJORAM ESSENTIAL OIL- Herbaceous + Relaxing | Scent Profile: Sweet, camphoraceous, and woody


CORIANDER ESSENTIAL OIL- Invigorating + Relaxing | Scent Profile: Herbal sweet, and spicy

GRASS PHTHALATE-FREE FRAGRANCE - Grounding + Uplifting | Scent Profile: Herbaceous, green, and earthy

VETIVER ESSENTIAL OIL - Soothes stress + Improves mood | Scent Profile: Herbaceous, deep, and earthy



  •     Slow, long lasting burn
  •     Natural, renewable and biodegradable
  •     Great hot and cold scent throw
  •     Clean and complete burn


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