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Soil no. 2 Atmosphere & Massage Candle

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Notes + Mood

The world as we know it is unknown and untouched. God meticulously forms the expanse. A deep scent of mineral rich soil emerges; bringing way to the hills of fresh and comforting grass outlined with raw blades of earthy Vetiver. Bergamot trees sway in the wind revealing a hint of spicy citrus. Bringing forth a deep, balancing, and exotically comforting scent on the earth.


TOP: Grass, Bergamot

MID: Coriander

BASE: Vetiver

Soy / Coconut / Shea Butter Wax
Paraben & Phthalate-free Eco dye (stain free)
Phthalate-free fragrance
Essential oils
Cotton wick

How to Use

Light and allow a pool of oil to form while enjoying the mood-evoking scent

Extinguish the candle, allowing the oil to cool slightly

Slowly pour the melted oil onto your skin and gently massage. The light and silky oil becomes a soft moisturizing salve.

Once complete, clean the area(s) with a warm wet cloth. Using soap if desired.

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