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Rein no.1 Atmosphere & Massage Candle

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The subtle scent of summer rain envelopes you as you trek through an exotic and unknown jungle. You encounter the bright and floral scent of Peony and zest of tropical Oranges. The fragrance uplifts and awakens as you are slowly wrapped in the deep and distinct scent of African Muhuhu. You discover a sun-drenched secluded beach. It's an elevated and electric escape.

Notes + Ingredients

TOP: Peony

MID: Orange

BASE: African Muhuhu, Teakwood

Soy / Coconut / Shea Butter Wax
Paraben & Phthalate-free Eco dye (stain free)
Phthalate-free fragrance
Essential oils
Cotton wick

How to Use

Light and allow a pool of oil to form while enjoying the mood-evoking scent

Extinguish the candle, allowing the oil to cool slightly

Slowly pour the melted oil onto your skin and gently massage. The light and silky oil becomes a soft moisturizing salve.

Once complete, clean the area(s) with a warm wet cloth. Using soap if desired.

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