My name is Lindsay-Nicole. I am the Founder + CEO at House of Linnic. Last year, I decided to transition Linnic from a niche fragrance brand to now offering a curated collection of beauty and lifestyle edits that are rooted in wellness. The decision was made due to my personal journey.  Most business women and men may find themselves on the go with a jammed-pack schedule and highly stressed if they are not centered and balanced. Unfortunately, I experienced my share of that as well. I went years without properly addressing my stress which then turned into anxiety. That  manifested itself into a hormonal imbalance which caused me to experience severe acne.
After several visits to multiple dermatologists, the problem still persisted. I knew that a change needed to be made quickly. I am a firm believer that God created plants and herbs for nourishment and healing. Therefore, as a way to decompress and re-center I found myself turning to spiritual-based methodologies and natural remedies. The result for my mind, body, and spirit have been amazing! Therefore, I decided that it is time to share my methodologies with the world. The Linnic unisex collection of plant-based beauty and lifestyle products are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and naturally aromatic. All products within the edit work holistically and are intended to leave one glowing, balanced and renewed from the inside out!