"I have always been passionate about all things beauty and fashion. My passion led me to pursue a BFA in Fashion Design + Marketing and embark on an entrepreneurial journey as a fashion designer and self-taught perfumer. As a lover for all things niche fragrance, I officially launched Linnic as a curated collection of non-toxic plant-based perfume. The travel-friendly collection was highly loved and landed in niche retailers i.e., Edition Hotel Miami, Silversands Hotel Grenada, Wren+Wild, and Blk+Grn, to name a few. In 2019, I left the niche perfume world to embark on a journey that was just as fragrant; yet, a bit more personal due to my connection with the ancient concept of Ayurveda and my battle with hormonal acne. With the incorporation of grounding essential oils, pure plant-based ingredients, and spiritual mediation, the idea for Linnic beauty and lifestyle products was born. Edit I is all about seeking and obtaining balance. We use grounding scents, spiritual affirmations, and clean ingredients to achieve optimal results to beautify your skin, life, and wellbeing. It’s aromatherapeutic beauty and lifestyle products at its finest. "



We create holistic edits for beauty + wellness.

Core Values

Creativity- We stay true to our founder’s artistic and creative roots by implementing a bit of art into all that we do.

Innovation - We innovate through the curation of our holistic beauty and lifestyle edits that are wellness essentials

Connection - Connection is at the core of our brand ethos and the catalyst from which we operate. We consider our customers family and include them in a massive part of what we do at Linnic, from product selection to marketing. Our belief in the holistic connection of mind, body, spirit, and nature is the driving force behind our brand and the products that we create.

Sustainability - We source natural and plant-based ingredients and ensure that we limit our packaging and use components that can be recycled or up-cycled.

Embrace - We believe in diversity. Our founder’s mission is to employ talent that is as diverse and culturally rich as the world in which we live.

Integrity and Quality - We create quality products with an impeccable appeal that is accessible to many. Integrity lies at the heart of House of Linnic. We have an unwavering commitment to promoting honest and ethical conduct at all levels. Additionally, we mirror that approach with our family of consumers and partners.