Influencer’s pick

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Nina Kim @XONINAKIM - Lifestyle Influencer

“My husband and I absolutely love Noir. The packaging and all of the scents within the the collection are absolutely beautiful.”


Tiff Benson @TIFFBENSON - Sephora Squad Influencer

“My favorite from Linnic is Noir! It is dark, spicy, complex, and mysterious. Although it is dark, it is not too heavy. I absolutely love it; because the scent has notes of the cleansing herb Sage, I feel like I am partaking in a beautiful cleansing nighttime ritual when worn. It is stunning for Fall and fantastic for men and women.”


Joe @JOESCENTME - Fragrance Influencer

“My favorite from the house is Dune. It highlights 3 notes. Lime, Rose, Patchouli. The patchouli in this is super green and effervescent in the opening. The rose and lime are subtle yet present enough to balance the earthy patchouli. It dries down to an almost chocolate like sweetness. This is a gorgeous scent. Highly recommend it!”