The Pretty Girl Collection



The Linnic exclusive collection for Alpha Kappa Alpha is an ode to the illustrious nine visionary  African-American women who founded the sorority on the campus of Howard University. Alpha Kappa Alpha reigns supreme in being the first sorority for African American women. Together, the nine formed a sisterhood that is based upon cultural awareness and social advocacy; providing service to all man-kind.
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Key Benefits

Average burn-time 55 hrs.

Plant-based soy-coconut wax

Natural wick


Custom fragrance


Rose & Teakwood

Embrace romance with our enchanting Rose and Teakwood Candle. This modern floral experience blooms with beautiful flora, earthy green, and dark wood notes.  

Top - Green leaves
Middle - Rose & Ylang-ylang
Base - Teakwood


Sea-salt & Sage

Take a dip in this lively and distinct fresh aroma. Experience beautiful inspiring oceanic and herbal notes of sea-salt and sage.  

Top - Sage
Middle - Sea-salt & Eucalyptus
Base - Tonka Bean & Vanilla

Chamomile & Cedarwood

A scent evoking a journey through the forest. This unique scent is a diverse blend of fresh woody and herbal notes that contributes to a relaxing and comforting scent.

Top - Grass
Middle - Chamomile & Cedarwood

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